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Fluctuation In Japan’s Exports To China, Registered Loss Over $2B

Fluctuation In Japan's Exports To China, Registered Loss Over $2B

Japan’s exports to China this year have been found to be fluctuating quite vigorously so far. The exports of Japan have not decreased significantly due to a comparison with the previous year, instead, the monthly values show fluctuation and show a loss of about $2 billion.

The exports to China from Japan amounted to $163.94 billion in 2021, following a low value of exports amounting to $141.32 billion in 2020. However, the monthly trends of Japan’s exports to China show a lot of fluctuation.

Japan’s Top Exported Commodities To China

The top exported commodities of Japan to China in 2021 were—Manufacturing Materials For Semiconductor ($6.6 billion), Hybrid Motor Cars ($4.6 billion), Gear Box & Parts ($4.5 billion), Spark-Ignition Combustion Vehicles ($3.4 billion), and other top commodities listed below.

Japan’s Top Exports To China (2021)

Japan’s Monthly Exports In 2022

The monthly exports of Japan to China represented below show the values of each month respectively. Export values fluctuated throughout the year and continued to fluctuate so in 2022. The values, as can be seen in the shown Japan export data, fluctuated every two months.

Japan’s Monthly Exports To China

Exports To China – Trends and Values

The representation of exports to China below features the growth in the export values and the differences in the value of exports each month in comparison to the previous month. The infographic represented below highlights the value of exports and their growth or losses.

Japan’s Exports To China – Monthly Trends & Values

Japanese exports to China accounted for a positive growth of 26.3% with a value difference of $2.6 billion in February 2022. The next month (March) accounted for positive growth of 10.5% with a value difference of $1.35 billion. However, the value of exports declined in April by a difference of $2.3 billion with a percentile decrease of 16.8% and did so in the next month.

China and the USA are the top two exporting countries for Japan, contributing significantly to its export values. The values of China and Japan are fluctuating due to reasons such as the straining of relations and the recent COVID-19 spike in China due to which lockdown measures were imposed. The strains between both countries are likely to resolve in the near future.

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