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China and Russia to Push De-dollarization Agenda in BRICS 2024

China and Russia are likely to discuss the agenda of de-dollarization in BRICS 2024 as both countries have agreed to use local currencies up to $260 billion. To counter the plan of two influential BRICS members in favor of de-dollarization, the United States is playing the sanctions card against China and Russia. What will be […]

Asia Pacific Trade

China’s Trade Surplus Has Widened From $686B In 2021 To $877B In 2022

China’s trade has increased significantly over the past years, especially after the pandemic-ridden time in 2020. Amidst the different dynamics of the global economy and multilateral trade, various factors have contributed to a high rise in China’s trade values. The global trade activities rebounded in 2021, followed by the increased production of electronics, automobiles, and […]

Asia Pacific Market Trend Trade

Trade Between The China-Russia Is Expected To Grow On The Go

Trade between China-Russia two big countries or more than two countries is booming for mutual growth on the go. All the big countries are involved in bilateral trade and it is expected to grow more than ever by decreasing tariffs, import allowances, export limits, and other trade blockades to reassure trade, assets, and investment. There […]

Asia Pacific Market Trend Trade

Fluctuation In Japan’s Exports To China, Registered Loss Over $2B

Japan’s exports to China this year have been found to be fluctuating quite vigorously so far. The exports of Japan have not decreased significantly due to a comparison with the previous year, instead, the monthly values show fluctuation and show a loss of about $2 billion. The exports to China from Japan amounted to $163.94 […]

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Is China’s Move to Increase Coal Supplies Risk Low-Carbon Transition?

It has been a tough year for international coal markets in the first half of 2022. On 1st January, Indonesia banned coal exports to protect supplies for its power stations. The month-long measure by the world’s biggest coal exporter injected volatility into the global coal market, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine really set prices of […]

Asia Pacific Global Market Trend Oceania Trade

Australia’s Exports to China Jumps in 2021 Despite Their Trade Fight

Australia- China relations have long been marked by fundamental tension. Economically, the two sides have been increasingly intertwined, with Australia providing many of the commodities on which China’s industry relies. From 2011 to 2021, Australia’s exports to China have been constantly rising, despite the Covid-19 pandemic & trade tensions developing between them in 2020. In […]

Asia Pacific Trade US & LATAM

US Soybean Shipments To China Will Slump After The Delays

The agricultural industry in China contributes to about 18 of the whole world’s cereal grains. It has the largest number of the total output of products, but the cultivation of crops is a lot less than what China output. China uses only 10% of its total area for the crops’ cultivation. China is the biggest […]

Market Trend Trade

Global Baby Cradles Market Will Rise In The Coming Future

Infant beds and toddler beds (commonly called ‘baby beds’) are some of the most demanding commodities for households with newborns and infants. There are different options for infant and toddler beds including cradles, cribs, bassinet, etc. Baby carriages are vehicle-form baby bed that is remote in nature. The demand for the cradles has risen more […]

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