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EU and US to Impose 38% Tariff on Chinese Electric Vehicles Exports

Worldwide demand for eco-friendly vehicles is witnessing double-digit growth over the year. This could be observed from traditionally fuelled power to electric run engines. And, opens the door for a billion dollar market for EVs and the business directly or indirectly associated with it. In Western countries, Chinese exporters of zero-emission vehicles have successfully replaced […]

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U.S. Baltimore Bridge Collapse Causes Supply Chain Concerns

Highlights The traffic through the Maryland port has been disrupted after the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, after being struck by the container ship on 26th March 2024. This port is the major hub for warehousing and transhipment of commodities on the US East Coast. The port of Baltimore near the bridge is […]

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EU-China Trade: A Tale of Increase & Decrease in Deficit

The European Union (EU), the world’s largest trading block consisting of 27 countries, and China, the world’s 2nd largest economy with a global manufacturing powerhouse, are failing on the economic front to sustain bilateral trade for both export and import businesses. China and the EU dominated the export market worldwide, with more than 17% and […]

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Global Trade Shows Recovery Driven by Strength of EU’s Imports & Exports

Key Highlights Global trade is showing a sign of recovery in 2023 driven by the strength of the EU’s imports and exports. EU’s trade in 2022 was USD 15,587 billion, an increase from USD 13,994 reported a year earlier. The trade of countries worldwide has also increased from USD 44,586 billion in 2021 to USD […]

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New EU Levies To Reduce Carbon Emissions From Certain Sectors

EU levies to reduce emissions in order to meet the target of cutting carbon emissions. The European Union’s “Fit For 55” package consists of legislative proposals focusing on reducing carbon emissions by 2030. The new regulatory framework for reducing emissions in the EU has been proposed by its parliament. It suggests that changes are required […]

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EU Plans to End Its Reliance on Russian Energy

Key Points EU leaders say they will block Russian oil imports arriving by sea by the end of 2022. EU has also committed to reducing gas imports from Russia by two-thirds within a year. About half of Russia’s crude oil exports went to Europe in 2021. The Netherlands was the biggest importer of Russian oil […]

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EU Nitrogen Imports & Exports and Detailed Market Report

The EU nitrogen trade was US$294 million in 2021, an increase from the previous year. This dollar amount reflects the total imports and exports of nitrogen. In 2020, the European Union countries traded US$230 million worth of nitrogen. Germany appeared to be the country with the highest level of market value in 2021, comprising about […]

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EU Knitted or Crocheted Apparel Exports Surge 22.2% In 2021

The apparel industry is in a boom this year and this is evident from the global trade data 2021. The exports of apparel from the EU have increased in 2021 as compared to the values of 2020. EU knitted or crocheted apparel exports and not-knitted or crocheted apparel exports, both reached growing positions in 2021. […]

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US, UK, And EU Ban The Luxury And Other Goods Exports To Russia

Russia’s energy exports are increasingly getting sanctioned by the Western nations and different countries, which are likely to cut or alter the bilateral trade with Russia. This is in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which started a few weeks ago. The three western nations—the USA, UK, and EU are closely working together to drain and put a strain on the war chest of Russia by putting sanctions and bans on certain commodities. Recently, a number of lifestyle-related final product exports to Russia are also banned. Russia Imports, 2021 Russia waged a war with Ukraine […]

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US LNG Exports To The EU Will Soar Amid Russia-Ukraine War

The United States is one of the largest LNG exporting countries in the world after Qatar and Australia, as per historical trade data and records. However, the USA is emerging out as the biggest LNG exporting country, higher than Qatar and Australia, its two competitors’ countries, for 2022. Or maybe there are more speculations about […]

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