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World’s 10 Largest Economies – Trade Balance, Exports, Imports, Data

The world economies have been shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic since its origin in 2020. Total lockdowns in many countries impacted the global supply chain that resulted in a shortage of goods and high inflation. The year 2021 was relatively better in terms of trade recovery, however, some countries still reported new waves of covid […]

Global Market Trend Trade

Global PC Shipments Get A Slow Down Due To Various Factors

Trade for personal computers (PCs) is likely to slow down in the coming months. Recent reports suggest that demand for electronic devices such as computers and smartphones decreased. This is especially true after the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. PC shipments on a global scale are likely to get slacked in quantity due to the limited […]

European Union Market Trend Risk Analysis US & LATAM

The Highest UK Inflation In 40 Years, Living Cost Soaring High

The United Kingdom is struck by its 40-year-high inflation rate with the rising living costs in the country. People are suffering the hit of rising prices due to this year’s UK inflation rate. Consumers in the UK are near to the brink of losing control over their household finances. The UK officials are worried about […]

Asia Pacific European Union Global Market Trend Oceania Risk Analysis US & LATAM

COVID-19 Influenced The Biggest Growth Of Global Inflation

Global inflation 2022 is the biggest ever record of inflation in several countries in decades. Inflation in countries such as the United States of America, Australia, Germany, Italy, and Pakistan is making headlines in the recent market trends worldwide. The USA has hit the highest inflation rate, annually of 7.5% with a straight growth in […]

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