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Why Iran’s Chabahar Port is Strategically Important for India – Explained

India has taken one step forward to expand trade with Central Asian countries by signing a crucial Chabahar Port agreement with Iran for 10 years. The Chabahar Port is located on the Gulf of Oman and is a crucial gateway for Indian commodities to access landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asia. This will be accomplished through […]

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Global Biofuels Alliance in G20. What Is It and How It Benefits?

Global Biofuels Alliance (GBA) is an initiative of the G20 attendees who participated in the G20 Summit 2023. The initiative marks the beginning of a new world order with clean energy transition, as it aims to promote the use of biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuels. Biofuels are liquid fuels derived from biomass (plant […]

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Solar Exports From India Have Increased Significantly In A Year

India will be able to meet its energy demands through solar energy in multiple industries such as electricity, automobiles, commerce and manufacturing. India’s solar capacity of installation was 70.01 GWAC till 30 June 2023. Solar power stats in India ranks in fourth position worldwide in 2021. The second-largest Indian market in Asia for new solar […]

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India’s Non-Basmati Rice Exports Ban – Market Report Analysis

On 20th July 2023, India banned exports of non-basmati rice in an attempt to calm the increasing domestic prices of the cereal. What does it mean for global countries which are already struggling with food crises since the Russia-Ukraine war? India is the world’s top rice exporter, accounting for some 40% of the global trade […]

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India’s Jewellery Exports Decline in Q1 of 2023 – Analysis Report

Exports of Jewelry (Jan-2022 to Mar-2023) India’s jewelry exports reported a decline in March 2023 compared to the same month of 2022. The country shipped jewellery worth USD 2,980 million in March 2023, down from USD 4,006 million recorded in March 2022. Percentage-wise, March 2022 recorded 24% growth in the value of shipments while March […]

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UAE Bans Indian-Origin Wheat Export and Re-export For Food Security

UAE has announced the ban on the export and re-export of all varieties of wheat and wheat flour of Indian origin for a duration of four months. UAE bans Indian-origin wheat exports from the country, in order to secure its own domestic supplies. Following the ban announced by India on its wheat exports, the UAE […]

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A Brief Study On Carbon Emissions, And Of India’s Import and Export

Carbon emissions from importing and exporting activities in global trade are a common scenario. Many countries face this due to changes in the social and economic factors of a country. With the rise in these factors and global trade, the likelihood of carbon emissions also increases. India’s carbon emissions released from international trade increased in […]

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India Lend Hand To Tackle Down Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis

Sri Lanka’s economic crisis is taking turns in ways that are pulling down the Sri Lanka economy way more than the authorities might have anticipated. Imports ban on over 360 items by the Sri Lankan government was indeed a significant step taken to safeguard the financial interests of exporters and investors. However, things are turning […]

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India’s Bilateral Trade – FTAs with Australia, US, UK, and UAE in 2022

India has been talking about free trade agreements with several partners including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates – both bilateral and regional over the past two years in a bid to boost export-oriented domestic manufacturing. India’s total exports increased to US$ 347 billion in 2021 (till Nov data) […]

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