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China and Russia to Push De-dollarization Agenda in BRICS 2024

China and Russia are likely to discuss the agenda of de-dollarization in BRICS 2024 as both countries have agreed to use local currencies up to $260 billion. To counter the plan of two influential BRICS members in favor of de-dollarization, the United States is playing the sanctions card against China and Russia. What will be […]

Asia Pacific Market Trend Trade

Trade Between The China-Russia Is Expected To Grow On The Go

Trade between China-Russia two big countries or more than two countries is booming for mutual growth on the go. All the big countries are involved in bilateral trade and it is expected to grow more than ever by decreasing tariffs, import allowances, export limits, and other trade blockades to reassure trade, assets, and investment. There […]

Asia Pacific European Union Trade

Western Sanctions on Russian Exports Create Turmoil in Global Fertiliser Market

Key Highlights Western sanctions on Russian and Belarussian exports, and Chinese export restrictions have created turmoil in the global fertiliser market. Buyers have been busy this year finding alternative suppliers due to the sharp drop in fertiliser exports from Russia, Belarus, China, and the European Union. Favourable weather conditions in the major growing regions during […]

Asia Pacific European Union Market Trend

High Energy Prices In EU; Heaping Russian Oil Before A Supposed Ban

The European Union (EU) is going through a phase of soaring energy prices as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The high energy prices in the EU have influenced the authorities to devise measures to go into a self-reliant mode to meet domestic demand. The members of the European Union are proposing a […]

Asia Pacific European Union Market Trend Trade

Russia-UK Trade Down In 2021, No Other Country’s Imports Declined

Russia-UK trade values show a decline in the imports of the UK for 2021 as compared to 2020. The revelation of the trade of Russia with other countries shows contrary parallels, as the UK is the only exceptional country among all the top exporting partners of Russia. There might be several reasons why the trade […]

Asia Pacific European Union Trade

EU Plans to End Its Reliance on Russian Energy

Key Points EU leaders say they will block Russian oil imports arriving by sea by the end of 2022. EU has also committed to reducing gas imports from Russia by two-thirds within a year. About half of Russia’s crude oil exports went to Europe in 2021. The Netherlands was the biggest importer of Russian oil […]

Asia Pacific Trade US & LATAM

US Imposed New Sanctions And A Ban On Gold Imports From Russia

The USA has announced new sanctions on Russia, due to the Russia-Ukraine war. The new sanctions imposed on Russia cease to target major industries of Russia such as industrial, technological, and manufacturing. The implementation of the previous sanctions and bans, however, are creating ripple effects in the global prices of oil/gas and by default, causing […]

Asia Pacific European Union Global Risk Analysis

Russia-Ukraine War – How Reliant is the World on Russian Oil & Gas?

Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the European Union have announced to restrict Russian crude oil and gas imports. However, still, they are dependent on Russian oil and gas as Russia is the world’s second-largest exporter of crude petroleum oil and seventh-biggest supplier of petroleum gas. According […]

European Union Finance Global Oceania Trade

Sunflower Oil Prices To Surge Amid Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

There are immense, severe consequences emerging from the Russia and Ukraine tensions. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine today, the prices of edible oils will go higher, as per traders and manufacturers. The vegetable oils market shook from the sudden impact. Ukraine is the highest exporting country of edible oils, especially sunflower oil, with a 76% […]

Market Trend Trade

CNG & LPG Global Market Exhibit Promising Future Growth

CNG & LPG are the alternative fuels while petrol and diesel are still used as primary energy sources, but there have been major shifts after the last year’s pandemic. Conventional fuels – petrol and diesel, accounted for the EU’s market share of 75.5% in 2020, as per European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA). According to the […]

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