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EU and US to Impose 38% Tariff on Chinese Electric Vehicles Exports

Worldwide demand for eco-friendly vehicles is witnessing double-digit growth over the year. This could be observed from traditionally fuelled power to electric run engines. And, opens the door for a billion dollar market for EVs and the business directly or indirectly associated with it. In Western countries, Chinese exporters of zero-emission vehicles have successfully replaced […]

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Global Agricultural and Fruits Demand and Supply Outlook and Forecast

Global demand and supply for agricultural products and fruits is projected to continue increasing in 2024 due to rising consumption across regions. In terms of trade, the largest gainers in 2023 were rice, and sugar in the agricultural category, and apples, berries, pears, grapes, mangoes, melons, and bananas in the fruit category. This research report […]

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Germany Export Growth Analysis: Rise Despite the Challenges

Germany’s economy has faced significant challenges in the last two quarters, from technical recession to becoming the old sick man of Europe. Germany has become the world’s 3rd largest economy, despite challenges. Strong economic fundamentals, Govt policies, manufacturing power, strategic trade partners, and other factors, led Germany to register growth and improve its trade performance. […]

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U.S. Baltimore Bridge Collapse Causes Supply Chain Concerns

Highlights The traffic through the Maryland port has been disrupted after the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, after being struck by the container ship on 26th March 2024. This port is the major hub for warehousing and transhipment of commodities on the US East Coast. The port of Baltimore near the bridge is […]

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Why USA’s Gas Giants Tapping Asia and Mexico’s Markets?

The United States of America, the world’s largest gas producer and exporter, is working on a new gas pipeline on Mexico’s coast to bypass the drought-chocked Panama Canal and establish a direct trade route to Asia. This route potentially cuts travel times and costs significantly.  Once the development of the proposed project is completed, it […]

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G20 Spotlights India’s Trade Discussions with U.S., China & Europe

The G20 Summit spotlighted India’s trade discussions with the United States, China, and European countries. The U.S. and the European Union signed an agreement with India to strengthen trade through building rail and sea routes. In 2022, India’s trade with the United States totaled USD 131 billion, with China totaled USD 117 billion, and with […]

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Peru’s Fruit Exports Increase in First Half of 2023  

Peru’s fruit exports reached USD 1044 million during Jan-Jul 2023 compared to USD 948 million recorded in the same period of 2022. In the complete year 2022, Peru exported fruits worth USD 1551 million. Fresh grapes, blueberries, avocadoes, and mangoes are the most exported fruits. Peru is the world’s largest exporter of blueberries. Quarter-wise, Peru’s […]

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US Medical Instruments Trade Growth: 10% (Import) and 8% (Export)

US medical instruments trade has received an upend growth this year so far, comparing the total value of exports till the third quarter of 2022 with the full value of exports amounting to the same period in last year. The market value of medical devices and instruments in the US was nearly $456.9 billion in […]

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U.S. and UAE Signs Strategic Partnership Deal on Clean Energy Investment

The United States of America and the United Arab Emirates have signed a strategic partnership deal that will see $100 billion mobilized to develop 100 gigawatts of clean energy by 2035. The deal was signed during the Adipec energy conference in Abu Dhabi which is entitled the “Partnership for Accelerating Clean Energy” (PACE). The cooperation […]

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US Fuels & Oils Exports Surge 75% YoY, Refine Petrol Demand Is Highest

The US fuels and oils market is one of the fastest growing sectors with its counterparts such as China and Russia. The US fuels and oils exports increased in 2021 and 2022 both showing positive growth for US fuels & oils exports. The share of ‘Refined Petroleum Oil’ (Heading 2710) is the highest among all […]

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